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               All I Could Never Say [Listen]

i. Stay // Rihanna ft.Mikky Ekko ii. Overjoyed // Bastille iii. You Set Me Free // Michelle Branch iv. If I Lose Myself // OneRepublic v. Ordinary Day // Vanessa Carlton vi. Fallin’ For You // Colbie Caillat vii. Favourite Thing // Yuna viii. All You Wanted // Michelle Branch ix. Things I’ll Never Say // Avril Lavigne x. Do I Wanna Know? // Arctic Monkeys xi. Come Back…Be Here // Taylor Swift xii. Let Him Go // Birdy (Cover) xiii. Almost Lover // A Fine Frenzy xiv. Echoes // Bo Bruce xv. Red // Taylor Swift

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songs to run to

listen here

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Artist: Keaton Henson

Album: Birthdays (Deluxe Edition)

Track: You

Plays: 46,073



Harry Osborn/Green Goblin playlist

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Album: The Bones Of What You Believe

Track: Night Sky

Plays: 19,767

a long, lonely time; a playlist for running your fucking sadness errands. alternatively titled ”a masterlist of songs to listen to while crying like a little bitch.” fuck this movie, guys. fuck this movie. 


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Artist: Lana Del Rey

Album: Born To Die (Deluxe Edition)

Track: Radio

Plays: 274,467


[goodnight goodnight]: a mix for when you can’t sleep. it will be all right. slow inch by inch europe is giving itself to the ocean. go to sleep. let darkness lap at your sides. give darkness an inch. you aren’t alone. all of the continents used to be one body. you aren’t alone. go to sleep.

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Artist: RAC

Album: Strangers Part II

Track: Ready For It ft. St. Lucia

Plays: 4,047
Artist: RAC

Album: Strangers, Pt. I

Track: Let Go (feat. Kele & MNDR)

Plays: 8,567
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